Sound & Lighting Training from REAL Professionals [Not the YouTube WannaBe]

Headphones Are Your Friend (If You Like Quality and Credibility)

Do you desire that professional sound (and lighting) but do not have the time for the free session (and do not quite have the $499 for the one-on-one consultation)? We have you covered. Stay tuned for a "Sound & Lighting Prep Light" (no pun intended). It is on online course that covers the basics. Check back here later for details. But, we will cover some of it (free) before your recording session. And, do not forget those headphones! 🙂

These tips come from professionals who have been doing it successfully for well over 25 years (well over 60 years combined, and professional training from Hollywood studios, so it isn’t just the YouTube stuff, but the pro stuff here!).

Recently, for kicks, we did a comparison… We found someone who said they were a pro and for all intents and purposes, it appears and appeared that they are a pro. But, when we did some deep digging, we found some HUGE holes in that professionalism. Now, we do not want to embarrass this person. This person DOES exist and we compared the YouTube presence, advice (which was bogus advice but accepted in error by the masses), and LinkedIn profile. Here are our results, compared to our SocialWebCafe team, Michael and Deborah:

Experience or Education Ken the Knob Michael and Deborah, the REAL professionals
# of years experience as of 2022, 23 years as of 2022, Deborah has 39 years and Michael has 46 years
type of experience those years are referencing includes sales & promotion (mostly) Michael’s & Deborah’s is referencing video production & sound engineering
education education is in speaking Deborah’s official education is sound engineering; Michael’s is photography & lighting; Both have ongoing “continuous education”
studio experience “around” studios, in “promotion” capacity actually worked in studios, as in sound engineering, and then built a studio themselves
accomplishments convinced thousands of people he knew what he was doing when really he is a glorified salesman in the video industry built a studio that was used to master Deborah’s album which helped put her at #1 on the Reverbnation charts in Los Angeles and stay there for over a year without dropping…