Sound & Lighting Prep Appointment [Highly Recommended]

If you have been invited to be interviewed for one of the shows (SocialWebCafe, DiabeticReal, WebToolsTV, Next Level Success, Cappuccino Talks, #SocialCafe, Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah, or Mortgage 2.0 w/Nectar Kalajian shows, possibly airing on a Roku Channel), you have come to the right place. Just click on the desired date (above) to start the process.


When being featured on our shows, we highly recommend first participating in one of these Sound and Lighting Prep Appointments. That is why we have made the session free, for the purpose of our shows. You will find a coupon on the order page, please copy and paste it into the coupon spot to ensure that you get this session free of charge. [Coupon: SoundNLighting]


Now for the fun stuff… Please keep in mind that your feature (a.k.a. interview) on the show will be canceled if the quality is not up to a certain standard. So, I think we all want to ensure that that is not the case (poor quality). By participating in this prep call, we can help lower the chances of a poor-quality product.


But, the good part? If you already know this stuff, it can be a 15-minute “checklist item” appointment. So, for the time of having a cup of coffee (and yes, you can bring your coffee with you), you sit down and have a nice chat with Michael or Deborah and we can check it off of our list and you are all set and ready for the show 😉 It is that easy. That isn’t so bad, is it? And, if on the other hand, you are fearful, we can help you with your jitters. It is a win-win. Sound good? Ok, great, then go ahead and click on a date in the calendar above and start the process of choosing a time that works for you. 🙂


Thank you, in advance, for your adherence to this super fun time together. 🙂





Disclaimer: Just because there is a reference to Roku, Apple, Amazon, or any other well-known brand does not mean or imply that there is any affiliation or any promise of exposure or interview, or show with these brands. There is nothing implied or otherwise promised.